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FTQ Headquarters

The client was looking for a high-end innovative lighting solution at a competitive price. This project is exceptional considering it’s the first project to measure and control the light level on the work surfaces in real time. It ensures a comfortable environment and reduces about 90% of the energy used. This project was locally manufactured to meet the client’s needs and budget.


Origin Optical Clinic

The client wanted a contemporary and functional design for the office space and store. To make the space a little more dynamic, the central shelves are enhanced using track heads.  As for the horizontal displays on each side, we decided to light the products from the back and under the shelves.  It creates a strong impact in the store.


Tip #1

Don’t be afraid to play with different light fixtures and light levels. They create interesting contrasts.


Tip #2

Think about controls! People in the space have different needs but also for energy savings.


Tip #3

UGR rating = Unified Glare Rating helps determine the visual comfort level around a lighting fixture. A UGR < 19 is always more comfortable and WELL certified!

Linear Anti Glare 2.jpg

Contemporary Kitchen

To reunite design, efficiency, and sustainability in a single fixture in the most important space in the house is quite a challenge. Mission accomplished with this contemporary pendant fixture that gives out a uniform light on the work surface and remains comfortable. The wood brings an organic and sustainable feel to the space. What’s even more interesting, the black cells that help control glare have been added to the product and are built using zero plastic material. We love it!


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