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Éclairage TST Lighting

Outstanding customer service

Finding solutions with our partners for each of your projects is OUR PRIORITY

TST Lighting offers Canadian products that allow you to respect your budget and your concept, while promoting innovation and local creations.

Canadian products in the spotlight

Éclairage TST Lighting

Éclairage TST started in 2020 with my desire to embark on a new adventure and take on a new challenge!

I thrive on challenges, the unknown and new experiences. After a little over a year, I quickly realized that this new project was a little bigger than what I initially envisioned and that I was going to need allies, people who were going to bring a breath of fresh air. freshness with new ideas.

So I hired a first employee, then another, and another to build a team with people who were all so different from each other. These people, moreover, have the same desire as me, that of making TST Lighting grow and become known.

The most important value for TST Lighting is that customers are satisfied with our services, our advice, our products and the final result! We want them to want to repeat the experience of working with us.

Together, we succeed in collaborating with great partners, trying things, sometimes changing others, but always growing together, keeping our color and our own way a little more each year!

Come carry out your craziest projects with us!

Tina St-Louis


Tina St-Louis présidente Éclairage TST Lighting
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